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PureSinter Furnace

Built for ease-of-use, performance, and reliability

This affordable, state-of-the-art furnace features an all-new design that was rethought from the ground up with an innovative vacuum retort approach to deliver ultra-high levels of purity and solve the challenges of traditional vacuum furnaces.



PureSinter is a breakthrough for cleaner, more efficient, and reliable sintering. This all-new vacuum furnace was designed as a total industry solution — not just for sinter-based AM, but also for PM, MIM, and other sectors that could benefit from a high-purity vacuum furnace.

PureSinter delivers the highest quality sintered parts, on par or better than industrial furnaces with higher acquisition and operating costs. Even titanium can be easily sintered with a high degree of confidence without the complex preparations required with other furnaces. PureSinter is Ti-Tested™ with excellent results.



In traditional vacuum furnace design, the vacuum chamber contains all the insulation, heating elements, and retort components. That’s the same design approach our original furnace, launched in 2017, used as well. Since then, we’ve learned a lot to make us rethink that approach. For PureSinter, we’ve put the heating elements and insulation outside the vacuum retort so that trace elements of oxygen, water vapor, and binder cannot contaminate the retort environment. While that sounds simple, it took some major innovations in furnace design to achieve it.



The PureSinter furnace was designed for ease-of-use to make sintering successful for a variety of applications. Traditional industrial furnaces are expensive to acquire, operate, and maintain with a lack of efficiency that contributes to high throughput times and operational costs. The innovative design of PureSinter delivers a clean, more predictable processing environment. We eliminated dozens of the joint and valve leak points of traditional furnaces and leak tested our airtight seal. The high efficiency design of PureSinter lowers operating costs and dramatically lowers energy usage. 



PureSinter delivers a breakthrough for sintered powder metal applications with the ability to process a variety of metals and binders. This material flexibility makes the furnace a fit for a variety of industries — not just for sinter-based additive manufacturing, but also for PM, MIM, and other sectors that could benefit from a high-purity vacuum furnace. 

PureSinter is even Ti-Tested, and with traditional MIM material. See our list of materials validated on our Desktop Metal 3D printers. 


Download the brochure to learn more about PureSinter