The New X-Series

— 3D printing for a range of materials, including technical ceramics

Binder jet 3D printing for specialty materials, including ceramics, is here with the Desktop Metal X-Series. Available in a range of sizes to meet every application need, the X-Series offers excellent surface finish from patented Triple ACT powder compaction. 

All X-Series machines are designed to offer the flexibility needed for customized applications on an architecture scalable from the research lab to the production floor.

  • Material flexibility to 3D print more than 20 metals, ceramics, and composites
  • Ultra-fine powders are dispensed, spread, and compacted with Triple Advanced Compaction Technology (ACT) for part density and repeatability in line with MIM
  • Optimized surface finishes through the best balance of speed and quality tailored to each material
  • A wide variety of build box sizes make advanced binder jet 3D printing available to applications of all sizes from small to large and scalable from development to production
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