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Production System P-1 with Reactive Safety Kit

The P-1 uses Desktop Metal’s patent-pending, high-speed Single Pass Jetting™ (SPJ) technology in an inert environment and can complete each part layer in less than 3 seconds, depending on material, with full builds printable in less than one hour. For more information and details read the complete press release here.
  • The Production System P-1 is ideal for R&D scaling to full production and batch or serial production of small, complex parts. 
  • The P-1 Reactive Safety Kit features ATEX-rated components, as well as critical hardware and software updates to ensure the highest level of safety. ATEX certification is given to equipment that has undergone rigorous testing outlined by European Union directives and is considered safe to use in specific environments with explosive atmospheres.

Production System P-1 Material Capabilities

The P-1 is qualified to 3D print 17 metals, including stainless steels, low-alloy steels, copper alloys, tool steels, nickel-based alloys, precision metals, and more. Titanium is now customer-qualified. Aluminum is R&D qualified.

*Qualified Materials come with complete printing and sintering profiles with fully characterized material and mechanical properties, **Customer-Qualified Materials have printing and sintering profiles developed by or in partnership with customers and/or partners with material and mechanical properties suitable for specific applications. ***R&D Qualified Materials have demonstrated binder and process compatibility with our printers, with final printing and sintering profiles under development by DM or our customers

Using the Production System P-1, TriTech Titanium Parts delivers results for its customers quickly. Binder jetting eliminates setup fees, tooling cost, and delays associated with making tooling for traditional processing, allowing titanium production of even the most complex geometries to be simplified and affordable.

Read the case study to find out how the Production System™ P-1 is being used by the company for simplified and affordable production of complex titanium parts.

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