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In this webinar you’ll:

  • Get familiar with the BMD metal 3D printing workflow, including a walkthrough of the software interface, loading feedstock, and what it takes to press print
  • Explore data from testing and waste disposal we’ve done in our facility, where dozens of Studio Systems operate 24/7
  • Gain a better understanding of the sintering process to densify parts and how software-guided workflow helps lead to end-to-end success in producing 3D printed metal parts
  • Review real-world examples where the Studio System helped manufacturers and university students successfully 3D printed metal with ease

About the Speakers

Sean Roberts, Manager, Metal Portfolio

Sean joined the Desktop Metal team in 2022 to holistically manage the suite of additive metal technology, including Studio and Shop System, Production and X-series, Furnace, materials and consumables. Prior to Desktop Metal, Sean served as Product Manager for the high-speed graphics portfolio of Electronics For Imaging, as well as general management positions within print organizations across New England. He holds a BA in Graphic Communication for Northern Vermont University, an MBA in Global Business from Southern New Hampshire University, and is a certified Product Manager by the Pragmatic Marketing Institute.


Holly Lynch, Senior Manager, Site Environmental Health

Holly joined Desktop Metal focused on EHS. In her years with the company she has been an active part of product development and compliance for the Studio System, Shop System, and Production Systems, as well as material development. Prior to working at Desktop Metal, she worked for companies including ITW Devcon Plexus (now known as ITW Performance Polymers), Koch Industries, A123 Systems, and Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry. Her experience includes education from Keene State and Harvard School of Public Health, as well as 25 years working  in Environmental Health and Safety, Emergency Response, and Employee Compliance Training, giving her a unique approach to safety and compliance.


Matt Barbati, Senior Technical Trainer

Matt has been with Desktop Metal since 2017, working with the Customer Support team as Senior Technical Trainer. In his years training, he has instructed classes for thousands of learners, developed the Desktop Metal Academy, and the content he authors continues to prepare customers, on-site technicians, and employees to operate, maintain, and service the suite of Desktop Metal’s products.