FreeFoam™, a Revolutionary 3D Printable Resin

DuraChain™ FreeFoam™ is a new family of photopolymer resins containing heat-activated foaming agents that are 3D printed with ETEC Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology.

After printing, FreeFoam parts are briefly put into an oven where the foaming agent creates closed cells inside the material in a tightly controlled process. This innovative material can be programmed to expand a specific amount between 2 to 7 times its original printed size – allowing FreeFoam parts to be shipped in a compact form and expanded on-demand in an oven close to the final point of use or assembly, saving shipping and inventory expenses.

While 3D printers today can process photopolymers into lattice designs that simulate foams, FreeFoam is a true foam containing closed cells that can be printed in a lattice up to a fully dense design – delivering benefits for the automotive, furnishing, footwear, sporting goods, health care and other industries.