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Traditional sheet metal forming is a capital- and time-intensive process that requires an expensive stamping press, which often costs about $1 million, as well as custom stamping tools, molds, and dies that take months to produce.

Figur’s breakthrough and patent-pending DSF technology is ready to unlock the benefits of digitization for sheet metal manufacturers, making them more agile and making sheet metal forms more accessible to new markets.

Figur’s patent-pending DSF technology begins with easy-to-use software that creates a toolpath for a ceramic tool on an XY gantry to shape sheet metal with up to 2,000 lbs of force.

The Figur G15 has an XY forming area of 1450 x 1000 mm and can process forms up to 400mm in the Z direction. A wide variety of metals and sheet thicknesses can also be processed – including steel up to 2.0 mm thick and aluminum up to 2.5 mm.