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What's your challenge?

DM's AM2.Production Team can help solve it

Every manufacturer has challenges. Whether it's getting new products to market faster on budget, delivering on tougher new performance requirements, improving your sustainability footprint, or delivering on once-impossible advancements.

Desktop Metal's AM2.Pro team can help you solve it. We're home to the world's leading team of additive manufacturing experts in metals, ceramics and polymers, including elastomers and foams.

Our team has been successfully helping solve complex challenges for global companies for decades now. That includes automakers, medical device, industrial and consumer goods companies, as well as government and defense agencies.

Solutions for complex problems

Our binder jet (BJT) 3D printing and digital light processing (DLP) platforms are highly flexible and have already proven themselves capable at solving complex problems for other customers.

Our team has a $5 million program with the U.S. Department of Energy to develop TPMS ceramic heat exchangers for supercritical CO2 power cycles using binder jet 3D printing. The gyroid shown here is binder jet 3D printed in silicon carbide.
The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs has awarded our team a multimillion-dollar contract to develop, test and DLP 3D print seat cushions, mattresses, and patient positioning devices, to “make products at a fraction of their final size, minimizing storage and warehouse needs”
Our team has binder jet 3D printed several copper components for automakers to meet the new needs of electric conductivity in cars. The copper e-winding device, shown above, from Maxwell Motors is binder jet 3D printed and eliminates the need for traditional coil wrapping, bending, tooling and other inefficient process steps while improving part performance.

Our AM2.Production Pros

Team DM is comprised of some of the brightest engineering minds in the world. Learn more about our team of additive manufacturing experts.

Metal and Ceramic Leadership


Rick Lucas
Senior VP Future Markets

MBA and over two decades of leading industry-focused research teams
Leads our team of experts in pushing the boundaries of binder jetting technology to expand the materials and applications available.

Meet our Metal Experts


Patrick Dougherty, PhD
Director of Commercial R&D

PhD in Mechanical Engineering
Brings powder mechanics experience from a variety of industrial fields to fill in the gaps between material, machine, and process to make binder jetting fit for any application.


Kyle Myers, PhD
Director of Process and Materials

PhD in Materials Science and Engineering
Works to advance the development of next-generation binder jetting materials such as copper and tungsten for advancing the production options of metal 3D printing applications.


Mihaela Nastac
Senior Metallurgical Engineer

MS in Metallurgy and 15 years with the company after starting her career as a foundry plant engineer
Brings a scientific-based approach for sandcasting rigging design with a mix of metallurgy, chemistry, and physics to advance first-pour success with digital casting technology.

Meet our Ceramics Experts


Benjamin Groth, PhD
Research Scientist

PhD in Materials Engineering
Uses a background of research in ceramic materials to help customers focused on 3D printing technical ceramics transfer their application to binder jetting.

Polymer and Foam Leadership


Walter Voit, PhD
Senior VP Polymer Materials

PhD in Materials Science and Engineering and Associate Professor at University of Texas at Dallas
Leads our team focusing on next-generation additive manufacturing based on specialty polymers to fundamentally transform how the world delivers goods and services to customers.

Meet our Polymer Experts


Benjamin Lund, PhD
Director of Applied Polymer Research

PhD in Chemistry
Leverages extensive background in organic and small-molecule chemistry to engineer materials for precision control of next-generation DLP resin materials.

Partnership Process

Our low-risk production adoption process helps to ensure your success. We help you determine if our technology is right for your application — from both a technical and business perspective — and we partner with you for the whole journey.


DM's AM2.Pro Team can help you, too.
While every challenge is different, our trusted process has led to success for many customers. Our process includes:

  • A complete discovery and intake of your challenge
  • An analysis of your requirements for design and geometry, material properties, accuracy and functional performance.
  • A detailed discussion of your business challenges, such as time to market, supply chain constraints, and part cost requirements
  • A comprehensive executive report on the technical and business case to proceed with an Additive Manufacturing 2.0 solution from Desktop Metal, customized to your needs.

We will collaborate with you to determine if one of our technologies can deliver a solution for your needs. 

Reach Out to the AM2.PRO Team