AM 2.0: Moving Metal and Polymer 3DP from Prototyping to Mass Production

— November 24th @ 1PM ET

Recent advances in additive manufacturing have made mass production a reality for a broad range of industries and applications.  With part costs, build speeds, accuracy, surface finish and material properties finally rivaling conventional manufacturing methods, 3D-printed metals and photopolymers are disrupting traditional manufacturing of end-use parts. 

Additive manufacturing is ushering in a new era of mass-customized products that are lighter, greener, featuring new levels of complexity - built without tooling, and an inventory of one.
Join this webinar to learn just how additive manufacturing compares to traditional manufacturing methods, with a deep dive into key applications and scenarios, part economics, and process capabilities. In this webinar, we will:
  • Explore the business case vs. conventional manufacturing methods
  • Explore key applications and business use cases
  • Review process capabilities and mass production best practices
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