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In this webinar focused on the development of food processing equipment we’ll discuss:

  • Metal 3D printing as an affordable, easy-to-use solution that reduced time to market by an entire year
  • Combining metal 3D printing with other methods for efficient production
  • Applications from filleting machines that highlight the benefits of 3D printing and challenges of traditional manufacturing

About the Speaker

Elliði Hreinsson founded and built Curio into a top producer of processing machinery for the heading, filleting, and skinning of fish. The company was recently acquired by Marel (NASDAQ:MAREL), a global leader in the development and production of tools, complete solutions, software, and services for the food processing of chicken, meat, and fish. He remains committed to working toward the continuous development of fish processing machines to improve their durability, utilization, and speed. Today he is CEO of the part production company and subcontractor to Curio, Gullmolar, where he runs five Desktop Metal Studio Systems and two ETEC Envision One 3D printers around the clock.